The Performers of the Week – People's Choice Edition

A series of fav-favorite performances of the week.

Performer of the Week – Farah Zeynep Abdullah

In Episode 25, Farah Zeynep Abdullah simply dazzled in every sequence she was featured in, leaving a lasting impression worthy of a thousand praises.

Performer of the Week – Serhat Kılıç

A character like Necati that is wrapped with depth and complexity required a STRONG actor to do it any kind of justice and Serhat Kılıç is just the perfect fit.

Performer of the Week - İlayda Alişan

If the future of Turkish dramas is İlayda Alişan,  the future couldn't be in better hands.

Performer of the Week – Tolga Sarıtaş

His performance was particularly enjoyable as he is highly skilled at perfectly blending action with emotions.

Performer of the Week – Taner Ölmez 

Taner Ölmez continues to amaze us with his unflinching portrayal of his character Ali.

Performer of the Week – Murat Yıldırım

If the last episode of Ramo proved one thing, it is that Murat Yıldırım's glory days are far from over!

Performer of the Week - Hande Erçel

With Hande's passionate portrayal of her character's devastation, the audience was kept engaged at every turn.

Performer of the Week  – Birkan Sokullu

In portraying Han's downward spiral, Birkan Sokullu delivered an enigmatic performance, bolstering every sequence with the right amount of daring emotions.

Performer of the Week – Burcu Biricik

When you have an actress as brilliant as Burcu Biricik on a show as brilliant as Kırmızı Oda, the end result is, of course, pure brilliance.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: Aras Bulut İynemli

The outstanding kind of acting spectacle Aras lives in expressing the depth and nuance of Yamaç's devastation and helplessness is beyond catharsis.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: İlker Aksum

İlker Aksum has been acting for a while now but in his supporting role as Hasan on Show TV's Ramo, and this episode gave the actor another chance to shine.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: İlker Kaleli

İlker Kaleli has a way of making classics out of each role he plays and with that, Akif Erdem's legacy will definitely live on for years to come.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: Demet Evgar

Actresses like Demet Evgar continue to change the status quo and we're SO here for it.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: İbrahim Çelikkol

For an actor that has been around for a while, İbrahim Çelikkol still manages to one-up all of his performances, and that in itself is impressive.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: Biran Damla Yılmaz

Yılmaz, with every inch of her body, perfectly delivered the emotional pain of her heartbroken character.

Dizilah's Performers of the Week: The Young Actors of "Çocukluk"

If they are the future of the dizi industry, it is safe to say it is in great hands. 

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: Burak Deniz

Yarım Kalan Aşklar owes a lot to Burak's commanding and multilayered performance, laced with humorous elements and tour-de-force dramatic moments.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week: Melisa Sözen

Melisa Sözen delivered a praise-worthy performance revolving around a subject matter often too tricky to portray convincingly.

Dizilah’s Performer of the Week: Ezgi Mola

The authenticity of Ezgi's performance borders on sensational; particularly in her meticulous attention to detail to her character quirks.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week - Ebru Şahin

It's crazy to think she was playing supporting actress not that long ago.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week - Afra Saraçoğlu

Saraçoğlu is no newcomer to showbiz but Öğretmen is a good refresher on her strength as an actress.

Dizilah's Performer of the Week – Akin Akınözü

The casting directors hit a jackpot when they cast Akin Akınözü as Miran in Hercai.

Dizilah’s Performer of the Week – Demet Özdemir

With her role as Zeynep on Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, Demet Özdemir continues to prove her doubters wrong.

Dizilah’s Performer of the Week – Sera Kutlubey

Sera Kutlubey got to shine and we were loving every minute of it.

Dizilah’s Performer of the Week – Selim Bayraktar

Looking for a good laugh? Look no further than Zümrüdüanka's Abbas Demirkan.

Dizilah’s Performer of the Week – Ayça Ayşin Turan

Ayça Ayşin Turan's portrayal of a woman scorned will be talked about for many years to come.

Dizilah’s Performer of the Week - Neslihan Atagül Doğulu

Neslihan Atagül Doğulu continues to amaze us.