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Performer of the Week – Serhat Kılıç

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THE PERFORMER | Serhat Kılıç
THE SHOW | Maraşlı (ATV)
THE EPISODE | Episode 8 (March. 1, 2021)

It is no surprise that ATV's Maraşlı soon became a Monday night favorite, after premiering earlier this year. From the script to its stellar cast, the show has and continues to deliver on every front. 

In the latest episode, a major bombshell dropped as everyone in the Türel household gathered in their living room to watch newly-discovered tapes left by the now-deceased Mama Turel. In this particular tape, she accuses Aziz Türel of framing and later murdering his former business partner, Omer. As the video progressed, shockwaves ran through the Türel mansion, with Necati (Serhat Kılıç) bearing its brunt. Triggered by Firuzan, his step-mother, referring to his beloved mother as merely, 'bu kadın' (this woman), an enraged Necati arose from the corner where he sat and then used words to put Firuzan back in her rightful place. But the late-night drama was just getting started and so was Necati.

As Aziz Türel made a last-ditch effort to deny the contents of the video, Necati's cup runneth over, in turn, bringing out the very best of the incredible Serhat Kılıç. Appalled by what he had just learned about his father, the seemingly lucid Necati, who usually finds comfort in an alcoholic beverage or two, directed his bubbling anger towards his father, questioning him over and over again, "How could you do all of this?" Above all, he was disappointed. Who wouldn't be after learning something so gruesome about someone whom they admired greatly? 

In the much-buzzed-about scene where Aziz is put on blast in front of the whole Türel family, Serhat Kılıç's ability to manifest Necati's rage in various forms was simply jaw-dropping. One second, he was screaming at the top of his lungs with his eye nearly bloodshot; the other second, he was chuckling nervously before transitioning to full-on tears. "What have we done to you? What have we done?," Necati cried out, as we marveled at the sheer brilliance of Serhat Kılıç's performance in that scene. 

In a subsequent scene that followed, Serhat Kılıç proceeded to kick things up a notch as Necati sat in silence, running back the tape over and over in his head. Drenched his own sweat, he paced back and forth until he reached his breaking point, the outcome of which was absolutely wrecking his room. As his rage flared up to match the pages of the books he had torn and flung in the air,  Kılıç's performance was once again a sight to behold. 

Of all the characters in the series, Necati is perhaps the most interesting as despite all his quirks, there's a certain level of brilliance hidden beneath the surface. His fondness for poetry is particularly fascinating as he manages to embed it into every aspect of his being. While we were wary of the casting choice at first (ATV's fault as the age and description given to the characters was somewhat misleading), we can confidently say that Serhat Kılıç has come to his own as Necati. A character like Necati that is wrapped with much depth and complexity required a STRONG actor to do it any kind of justice, and from what we've seen so far, the casting directors were in their bag with Serhat Kılıç. Kılıç took time to study the character, and it shows, as every week, his commitment to one-upping his past performance remains clear as day.

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