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The 15 Best Turkish Series of 2022

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From authentically Turkish dramas to feel-good rom-coms, 2022 provided top-of-the-line content, with a bit of something for everyone.

The 18 Biggest Breakout Stars of 2022

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From Duy Beni to Tozluyaka, 2022 has been crowded with fresh talent just waiting to be discovered. Lucky us!

The Fastest Dizi Cancellations of 2022

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2022 saw a slew of new Turkish dramas getting cancelled before finding their audience. Find out which shows were canceled the fastest this year.

10 Turkish Daily Dramas Produced in 2022

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2022, unlike previous years, has seen a drastic boom in the production of daily dramas, with the number surpassing ten. Find out why!

12 Turkish Series Premiering Summer 2022

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Looking for a new Turkish series to Binge? Here's a collection of the Turkish dramas & rom-coms you don't want to miss this summer!

New Turkish Dramas Premiering Early 2022

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There is never a shortage of Turkish dramas to choose from, and with the new year comes a fresh batch of new shows to fall in love with.

9 New Turkish Series Premiering Summer 2021

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A collection of Turkish series premiering in the summer of 2021.

The 12 best Turkish series of 2020

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In the end, 2020 was no match for the stellar productions out of Turkey this year!

14 Turkish Originals Coming To Netflix

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Netflix sticks to the word of ramping up investments in Turkey, announcing 10 new amazing projects.