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The 8 Most Exciting Turkish TV Shows Of Summer 2023

The 8 Most Exciting Turkish TV Shows Of Summer 2023

The sun is shining, school is out and the weather couldn't be better. With the 2022-23 season now in the rearview, a crop of Turkish TV shows to watch to keep you busy in between your beach trips has dropped and we’ve got you covered with our guide to the season’s most sizzling series.

The plot of this romantic comedy centers on the distrustful Ateş (Kerem Bürsin), who left his family's home after his mother's death to attend a boarding school abroad, and Leyla (Hafsanur Sancaktutan), who does not know her family at all and earns money by scamming people in order to cover the hospital expenses of a person who is her only hope to find them.

"The world is spinning.. but around me!"

This is said by the protagonist of this story... Her name is Alize, she is twenty-two years old, beautiful as water... You say she is very selfish, right? Not really. None of us stay the way we were born; just as water drops erode and shape huge rocks, what happens to us in life shapes us.

The day Alize was born, her mother passed away. Alize feels guilty deep down, even though she can't say it openly so that her father Nurettin won't be upset. Add to this the compromises Nurettin makes to make her happy and you have a character who is aggressive, selfish and essentially at odds with himself. We said that Nurettin makes concessions to make Alize happy... But when his daughter runs away after hitting a mechanic, it is a break for Nurettin, almost a moment of awakening. He decides to educate his sapling before it is too late. His first goal is to teach Alize to respect other people's decisions and wishes... To do this, he proposes to Sinem, whom he has loved for years but could not take a step towards marriage so that Alize would not be upset. But when Alize learns that her father is proposing to Sinem not from him but from the solitaire ring he found in her room, all hell breaks loose!

Nurettin, a determined, stubborn man, doesn't back down on the issue of marriage; after all, how could he, should he make another concession to Alize who thinks the world revolves around her? Alize, who is not behind her father in terms of stubbornness, responds to her father's move with the same move... That is, by marrying a man she thinks her father will never accept her to marry...

Based on the fan-favorite Filipino series "Forevermore," Vermem Seni Ellere tells the story of Zeliş (Buse Meral), the free girl of the mountains, streams, and plateaus, and Mehmet (Emre Bey), who is passionate about all kinds of adventures and action.

Mehmet, who is about to marry someone he is not in love with, uses the last exit before the tunnel and leaves the wedding table; Zeliş, who takes responsibility for the whole village and tries to reach the light at the end of the tunnel…This time fate weaves its web in an unexpected way as one run for freedom and the other for salvation.
While making his grand escape from his wedding, Mehmet falls on Zeliş's head. Yes, right on top of her. Thus begins the story of Mehmet, who is a handful, and the very stubborn Zeliş.


Based on the award-winning Israeli series "Exceptional." In the remake, Gece (Sümeyye Aydoğan) plans to go to university and dreams of making music with her boyfriend Emir (Atakan Hoşgören) all summer long. But all her dreams have to be put on hold for a while. Because for his sister Gülce, who is a special child, the crowds and noise of Istanbul are becoming more and more difficult to cope with. Not wanting to leave her lover and all her dreams in Istanbul, Gece suddenly finds herself in Foça with her family. Her life is turned upside down in an instant and she meets Özgür (Caner Topçu), an instructor at the sailing club where her brother is enrolled. Özgür is a handsome young man who has devoted his life to his brother Rüzgar, who has Asperger's Syndrome, after losing his parents in a fire. As Gece meets Özgür, she learns to look at life from a more mature perspective and Özgür learns from Gece that she should not postpone life. However, the arrival of Emir, Gece's lover, in Foça creates walls between the two that are difficult to get used to. Will Gece dare to pursue true love?

This suspenseful drama follows Oğuz, who has relocated with his children to a seaside town after losing his wife.

One day, he saves a young woman named Defne and welcomes her into his home. Her presence brings a glimmer of hope back into their lives. However, when Defne regains her memory, she discovers she was a con artist and must stay hidden. How long can she keep her secret safe?

Will Oğuz find out about the dangerous mob she's hiding from and how will it affect their relationship?

Inspired by a true story, Üvey Anne follows the story of Faruk Gencer, a widowed father who has dedicated her life to catering to his children. Recovering from the loss of his wife, Faruk finds solace in his assistant Serap, unaware of her true intentions. In fact, Serap had initially accepted the assignment because her boss Faruk needed someone trained to take care of the children at home. After all, she knew Faruk Gencer's daughters Nisan (17), Naz (14) and son Ömer (5-6) very well and was well-liked by them. But when Serap, who was born in the outbuildings of Efsun's mother Piraye Beyzade's house in Muğla, settled in Faruk's mansion, she asked herself "Why?". "Why can't I have it all?" After all, she had started life with a zero deficit because she was born not in the Beyzad's mansion in Muğla but in the outbuilding twenty meters away from it. But now Faruk Gencer, whom she knew very well, was a great opportunity for her to close this gap! Yes, Serap had never dreamed of marrying a man with three children. But that was a later issue. Now she had to enter not only the home but also the heart of this man who was very devoted to his children, and she had to roll up her sleeves as soon as possible to become Serap Gencer!

The series revolves around Doğan (Cem Gelinoğlu), a beloved neighborhood lawyer, & his beautiful neighbor Melike (Özge Özacar), who, despite having known and loved each other for a long time, have never been able to get together as a couple.

Doğan is a very smart, very deep man. He was psychologically and sociologically abused while growing up and he protected himself by creating his own island in his mind. This is why he attracts people like a magnet. In the midst of boring and repetitive relationships and uncreative family models, Doğan is lucky to find his soul mate, but Melike has a different code and cannot let Doğan into her life. As a young woman severely crippled by her mother, she always goes after what is presented as rational, not what her heart desires.

One day, when she questions her unhappiness and realizes all this, she falls in love with Doğan. As soon as she falls in love, she realizes that despite her two previous marriages, her heart has always belonged to Doğan.

A remake of the popular KDrama Once Again, Benim Güzel Ailem brings together three different generations, unifying the values of the past and the ever-changing demands of the new and present. The series offers a look at today's Turkish family structure in the warmth and sincerity of the unforgettable Yeşilçam films of Turkish cinema.

To Canan and Rasim, the patriarchs of the Akyol family, their family members are getting along perfectly fine and have no problems. However, the situation in the Akyol family is far from being like that. Their eldest daughter Derya (Meltem Pamirtan) decides to leave their eldest son-in-law Nedim (Erdem Akakçe) at the speed of light. Öznur, unable to accept the sale of the house, seeks refuge in her father's home, while two therapists, Kaan and Öznur, find themselves increasingly in need of therapeutic support. As the family is engulfed in all these events, Damla (Serra Pirinç), the youngest daughter of the family falls ill, adding fuel to the fire. On top of all these problems, the Akyol family is also caught up in the anxiety of marriage.

With all family members now stuck under one roof, very entertaining and eventful days lie ahead.