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Dönence (Daylight)

Dönence (Daylight)

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Based on the award-winning Israeli series "Exceptional." The story centers around Gece, who had planned to attend university and spend the summer making music with her boyfriend Emir. However, she had to put her plans on hold since her sister Gülce, who has special needs, is struggling to cope with the noise and crowds of Istanbul. Not wanting to leave her lover and all her dreams in Istanbul, Gece suddenly finds herself in Foça with her family. Her life is turned upside down instantly, but then she meets Özgür, an instructor at the sailing club where her brother is enrolled. Özgür is a handsome young man who has devoted his life to his brother Rüzgar, who has Asperger's Syndrome, after losing his parents in a fire. As Gece spends more time with Özgür, she learns to look at life from a more mature perspective, and Özgür learns from Gece that she should not postpone life. However, the arrival of Emir, Gece's lover, in Foça creates walls between the two that are difficult to get used to. Will Gece dare to pursue true love?

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