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Seni Kimler Aldı

Seni Kimler Aldı


Together Zehra and her mother live and work with the Çamay family, which is one of the richest in Istanbul. Zehra is in love with Barış, the sole heir of the family she grew up with. They have many obstacles to their love.

Zehra's older sister Ceren, whom Aynur adopted but everyone knows is dead, comes back for revenge and points her arrows first at her own family and then at everyone who is behind her adoption. On the mansion side, Barış’s mother, Cahide, strongly disapproves of this relationship. She tries to keep Barış away not only from Zehra but also from Talat, who is Barış’s father and whom uncle he knows. While Zehra and Barış stand for their love, they will be swept away in the shadow of Ceren’s revenge.

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