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Göç Zamanı

Göç Zamanı


Life has been hard on Cennet, forced to migrate and then pushed by her father into an arranged marriage as Cemal’s second wife. A strong woman in a world dominated by men, she must flee with her daughters from Mardin in southeast Turkey to Istanbul and protect them in a fierce family battle. The arrival of Cennet in Cemal’s family home upsets his first wife Hanım, but she accepts the situation as she cannot have children. While he begins to fall in love with the beautiful Cennet, he is unable to leave his first wife because of her wealth.
Hanım is jealous of Cennet, who flourishes thanks to her talent as a carpet weaver. She makes her life a misery and manipulates Cemal against her. When Cennet gives birth to twins, Hanım takes the boy for herself, leaving just the baby girl to Cennet.
Cennet’s suffering grows with the birth of a boy Yemin, who is again snatched away by Hanım. He grows up unaware that Cennet is his real mother. Her misery is only eased by the birth of three daughters: Zümrüt, Kiraz and Güneş. The cruelty which Cennet must endure becomes too much when she witnesses the treatment of Zümrüt, whom she wants to study in Istanbul. When she reaches her mid-twenties, Cemal gives her away in marriage to landowner Faysal in order to pay off his debts.

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