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Casting In Progress
Genre(s): Crime
Production Company: TIMS&B

Director: Kudret Sabancı

Network: ATV


Fall 2020
Description: Follows the story of a superhero named Fatih Production Company: NTC Medya

Director: Veli Celik 
Screenwriter: Hakan Kandal 

Network: ATV


To Film in Konya
Genre(s): History
Production Company: ES Film
Network: N/A


Genre(s): Drama
Production Company: 1441 Productions

Writer: Erkan Birgören
Director: Hilal Saral

Network: N/A

Son Yaz (Last Summer)

Production Company: O3 Medya
Network: N/A

İyi Aile Babası

Genre(s): Soap
Production Company: Sureç Film
Network: Kanal D

Sadakatsiz (Doctor Foster)

Fall 2020
Genre(s): Drama Thriller
Description: When a Doctor suspects her husband is cheating on her, she starts an investigation that leads her down a dark path of obsession. Based on a British series titled 'Doctor Foster.' Production Company: Med Yapim

Director: Neslihan Yeşilyurt

Network: Kanal D

Kazara Aşk

November 2020
Genre(s): Drama Romance
Production Company: Koliba Film
Network: Star TV

Seni Çok Bekleyeceğim

Romantic Drama
Genre(s): Drama Romance
Production Company: Skala Medya
Network: Star TV

Sol Yanım

Fall 2020
Genre(s): Drama
Production Company: BKM

Director: Serdar Gözelekli

Screenwriter: Melis Civelek

Network: Star TV

Gönül Dağı

Genre(s): Drama
Description: Based on the life story of Mustafa Çiftci. Production Company: Köprü Film
Network: TRT1


Mega Production
Genre(s): History
Production Company: Es Film
Network: TRT1

Alevlerin Ardından (The Bonfire of Destiny)

A Turkish Remake
Genre(s): Drama
Description: A remake of Netflix original series, which followed the story of three women who amid a devastating fire in 1897 Paris, see their destinies turned upside down by forbidden love, identity theft, betrayal and emancipation. Production Company: Ay Yapim
Network: Show TV

Şeref Sözü

Fall 2020
Production Company: Tims&B

Director: Cevdet Mercan
Writer: Eda Tezcan

Network: Show TV


Production Company: 25 Film

Director: Mahinur Ergin
Screenwriter: Selin Demirdelen

Network: Fox Türkiye
kimsesizler - fox

Kimsesizler (Abandoned)

Genre(s): Drama
Description: Based on the Japanese series 'Abandoned', which followed the lives of kids left in an orphanage by their parents! Production Company: Med Yapim

Director: Nadim Güç

Network: Fox Türkiye

Bir Annenin Günahı (A Mother's Guilt)

Genre(s): Crime Drama
Description: A remake of popular Filipino tv series, which tells the story of a mother who has to live with the consequences of the crime she commits to save her son's life. Many years later, her conscience continues to hound her especially when she befriends the widow of the man she murdered. Further complications arise when her son falls for the daughter of the man her mother murdered. Production Company: Limon Film
Network: Fox Türkiye


Genre(s): Drama Crime
Description: Fatma is about a cleaning lady who discovers that she has a talent for getting away with murder because she is constantly underestimated.

Producer: Basak Abacigil
Creator/ Director: Ozgur Onurme

Network: Netflix

50 Metrekare (50m2)

Launches This Year
Genre(s): Comedy
Production Company: BKM

Screenwriter: Burak Aksak

Director: Selçuk Aydemir

Network: Netflix

Saygı (Respect)

Limited Series
Genre(s): Crime Action
Description: The path of Ercüment, who seeks the solution of the corruption in the society by providing his own justice, will intersect with the two young people, who he believes act with the same purpose. Production Company: Inter Medya
Network: BluTV
Surec Film


Project On Hold
Production Company: Süreç Film
Network: beIN Connect