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Filming this February
Genre(s): Action & Adventure
Description: A free-spirited dive instructor and marine biologist Arman is set to join in a research mission aboard a submarine. However, when the world is threatened by an unknown natural catastrophe Arman and his science crew need to get onboard a military sub to survive. As Arman and his crew try to figure out what's happening to the world he also questions what the true mission of this submarine is. In the end will he be able to save himself, his crew and so much more than he can imagine? The eight episode show is produced by OGM Pictures.
Production Company: OGM Pictures
Network: Netflix

Uysallar (The Uysals)

Description: Architect Oktay Uysal starts living a double life as a punk, as a secret from his family. Simultaneously, his wife and kids as well as his dad also lead with their own double lives. The Uysals have a house full of lies while Oktay needs to build an Occupation House. Is it possible to be your real self with your family, or does everyone need a second life?

Writer: Hakan Gunday

Director: Onur Saylak

Network: Netflix

Pera Palas'ta Gece Yarısı (Midnight at the Pera Palace)

Genre(s): Mystery
Description: “Midnight at the Pera Palace” is adapted from the award-winning non-fiction book of the same name written by Charles King. The 8-episode series depicts a young journalist, Esra’s encounter with the legendary Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul. When Esra is assigned to write a piece about the hotel, she accidentally discovers that one of the historic rooms is a portal to the year 1919. Thrust into the past, she lands in the middle of a political conspiracy against the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Together with Ahmet, the quirky hotel manager, Esra must protect the course of history and the future of Turkey. But Istanbul in 1919 is a dangerous place, and when Esra meets Halit, the handsome and mysterious owner of Istanbul’s wildest club, she realizes that in the Istanbul of 1919, nothing is as it seems and no one is who they say they are.
Production Company: Karga Seven Pictures

Writer: Elif Usman

Director:  Emre Sahin

Network: Netflix

Kuş Uçuşu (As the Crow Flies)

8-episode series
Genre(s): Drama
Description: While Gen X tries to keep up with adapting to the new world, social media, new ways of business, they still are not aware of the bigger picture. The gap and the differences between both generations are undeniably strong. In this backdrop, we'll follow Asli's story who tries to fly as the crow instead of relying on the merit of hard work to be able to climb the stairs. The series will question whether Asli can win or lose with the methods of the new world, in order to reach the summit and be the most reputable person on the table.
Production Company: Ay Yapım

Writer: Meric Acemi

Director: Deniz Yorulmazer

Network: Netflix

Ersan Kuneri

Description: Ersan Kuneri was the centerpiece of the erotic film industry in the 70's. With this confidence he decides to encounter other movie genres with his entourage Alev, Altin Oran, Miki Muammer, Seyyal, Kaya Akin (a.k.a Ibrahim Tumtum) Firdevs and Payro Kemal. Will Ersan be able to slay his fans with a splash of Iranian cinema, perhaps an Italian romantic comedy, who knows a teen horror drama, a hint of social media themed film, maybe a wink at Hong Kong or a horse chasing scene from a medieval revenge film.
Network: Netflix

Sıcak Kafa (Hot Skull)

Genre(s): Sci-Fi
Description: In a world shaken by an epidemic of madness that spreads through language and speech, a former linguist Murat Siyavus who has been at a long-lasting hideout, is the only person mysteriously unaffected by this disease. Hunted by the ruthless Anti-Epidemic Institution, Murat is forced to leave the safe zone and flee within the flames and ruins of the mysterious streets of Istanbul, where he searches for the secret of his “hot skull” – a lasting mark of the disease.
Production Company: Tims&B Productions
Network: Netflix

Biz Kimden Kaçıyorduk Anne

Book Adaptation
Production Company: 1441 Productions
Network: Netflix

Another Self

Description: The series will tell the story of three friends from school.
Production Company: OGM Pictures

Director: Burcu Alptekin

Screenwriter: Nuran Evren Şit

Network: Netflix


Shooting in Adana in Sept
Genre(s): Fantasy