MEDYAPIM was founded in 1993 by the partnership of Fatih Aksoy (producer & director) and Guzel Sanatlar Holding. It made a very fast and noticeable entrance into the television industry with smash hit entertainment shows during the first years of private televisions in Turkey. In the year 2000, MEDYAPIM took an innovative step and adapted the famous US Series «The Nanny», marking its place as the first production company in the world to adapt a US series.

Yalancı ve Mumları (Mistresses)

Turkish Remake 🍁 fall Dizi
Genre(s): Drama Romance
Description: Based on the Australian series with the same name, the series follows the story of a group of four female friends who embark on an adventurous and scandalous journey and finds different ways to deal with complex relationships.
Production Company: MEDYapım

Writer: Nermin Yıldırım

Network: FOX