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Kopuk is a modern-day Robin Hood story about Ferhan Duyar, an orphan from the poor district of Tarlabaşı. Ferhan grew up to become the guardian angel of his neighborhood, looking out for those who have no one else looking out for them. With his loyal crew, he steals from the corrupt and undeserving rich, and with the spoils, he makes sure all the underprivileged in Tarlabaşı are fed and educated.

The biggest threat to Ferhan and Tarlabaşı is its people being taken advantage of by the greedy wealthy. Though Ferhan is a pacifist and does not condone violence, when one of his loved ones is lost during a senseless crossfire, Ferhan decides to act and infiltrate his rich and powerful enemy disguised as Orhan, a lawyer from one of Istanbul’s most powerful law firms.

As he navigates through the rough streets of Tarlabaşı as Ferhan and the glamorous life of the rich as Orhan, he not only struggles to keep his identity a secret, but also finds himself torn between two loves: Müjde, the pure and naive daughter of Ferhan’s greatest enemy in Tarlabaşı, and İpek, a powerful lawyer at Orhan’s firm as well as the heiress of the company that is targeting Tarlabaşı.

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