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Growing up without knowing her parents, the orphaned Hançer learned at an early age to fight against life's challenges. Since she has no one but her brother, she has become a warrior young woman who stands on her own feet. Hançer is ready to do anything to save her sick brother from this challenging life.

Cihan, the sole heir of a wealthy family, accepted the idea of an arranged marriage from his mother, Mukadder, who told him that he must have a son to continue their noble bloodline. Mukadder is attracted by Hançer's beauty and finds her suitable for her son. Although she does not like the idea, Hançer accepts this marriage in order to cover her brother's treatment expenses. When Hançer marries Cihan and starts living in the mansion of this family full of secrets, her life changes forever. Hançer is shocked to learn that Cihan's ex-wife, Beyza, also lives in the mansion.

Mukadder, who plans to send Hançer away from the mansion after she gives birth, encounters something she never expected. This marriage, which starts as an agreement at first, sows the seeds of a great love. Despite his family's opposition, Cihan defies the whole world to pursue his passion for Hançer.
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