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Bir Sevdadır

Bir Sevdadır


In the Southeast region of Turkey, 17-year-old Yeşil is raped by her uncle's son and becomes pregnant. As she is about to marry the man who rapes her, Ersin, who is serving in the region, kidnaps her from her wedding. However, the groom and his family pursue the fugitives, and the bride and the soldier are captured. The groom kills Ersin, and Yeşil kills the groom. Yeşil goes to prison and grows up there with her two children, a boy and a girl. When Yeşil is released, she wants to ensure the safety of her children, knowing that Tufan will not spare the tribe's blood. Yeşil devises a plan: upon her release, she will approach Ersin's family and claim that Ersin is the father of her children. The plan succeeds, albeit with challenges, thanks to the friendships Yeşil forms in prison. However, an unforeseen development occurs as Yeşil and Ersin's twin brother, Yasin, fall in love.
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