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Based on the Japanese series, "Abandoned.' Çocukluk follows the story of a group of kids who were abandoned at a children's home for girls by their parents. Soon after, the girls bond and create their own family.
S01E01 of Çocukluk


Oct 09, 2020

S01E02 of Çocukluk


Oct 16, 2020

S01E03 of Çocukluk


Oct 23, 2020

S01E04 of Çocukluk


Oct 30, 2020

Erdal Beşikçioğlu as Mahir

Erdal Beşikçioğlu

Mahir 2020 - Present
Beren Gökyıldız as Mavi

Beren Gökyıldız

Mavi 2020 - Present
Burcu Özberk as Ayşegül

Burcu Özberk

Ayşegül 2020 - Present
Kübra Süzgün as Mozi

Kübra Süzgün

Mozi 2020 - Present
Nilay Yeral as Bambi

Nilay Yeral

Bambi 2020 - Present
Derinsu Akkuş as Zeynep

Derinsu Akkuş

Zeynep 2020 - Present

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