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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni


Mete and Naz, born into affluent and influential families, are bound together by a promise made during their childhood. This promise stems from a tragic incident where Naz’s innocence was compromised, and Mete’s family offered unwavering support. As they grow older, their relationship becomes a rollercoaster of heated arguments and passionate reconciliations.

Mete, deeply committed to keeping the childhood promise, returns from studying abroad to marry Naz. However, fate intervenes when he crosses paths with İncila, Naz’s loyal servant. İncila, who has found a family within Naz’s household after a troubled past, accidentally becomes a pivotal figure in the unfolding drama.

Both Mete and İncila share similar wounds from their respective pasts, and they discover their emotional connection runs deeper than they initially thought. This realization complicates Mete’s already confused feelings and leaves him torn between two women.

The story is further complicated by the ongoing rivalry between their families, filled with hidden secrets, secret relationships, and personal struggles. These family dynamics add layers of tension to the unfolding drama, and the characters must deal with lies and intrigue.

As Mete and Naz’s relationship becomes clouded with suspicion and jealousy, the story explores the intricacies of love, trust, and competition in their intertwined lives.
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