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"Kadın" is the survival story of Bahar, a young widow with two children. Abandoned by her mother when she was 8, Bahar later loses her grandparents too. At a time when she feels all alone, she meets Sarp, whom she falls madly in love with. After some years of happiness, Bahar loses her husband too and she is left with only two things that makes her hold on to life: her children, Nisan and Doruk.

Together, she is able to turn life into a game, poverty into fun and absence into joy. She believes that when one has a smile on their face, the heart also responds with a smile.

Her biggest aide in the face of all challenges that life lays out in front of her, is the great love they had with her late husband Sarp. She talks to him about all her troubles, remembers their days together at every moment of her life. These memories serve as a bridge between her past and present. However, they also prevent her from building bridges into the future as there is no place in Bahar's heart for another love and relationship. This young and beautiful woman has given up her own life and womanhood for her children, and she has done so willingly...

When her mother, Hatice, comes back into her life after twenty years, Bahar has to face her past and realize that those days were not as she remembered them. As she wants to get close to her mother again, a big obstacle stands in her way: her sister, Şirin. This troubled young girl does everything she can to prevent her mother and her older sister from rekindling their relationship. In order to protect Şirin's mental well-being, Hatice turns her back to Bahar, who actually needs her very much. She does so despite her husband Enver's protests.

In "Kadın", Bahar's story takes the spotlight as the lives of other women are also observed. Hatice, who has left one of her children behind to start a new life, and her anguish as she is stuck between her two daughters; Yeliz, who always needs a man to lean on; Jale, who turns her back on her son, believing that motherhood is not right for her and wanting to focus on her career instead; thrill-seeking Jülide, who is a victim of her own beauty and many more...

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