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Neslihan seems to have it all: Wealthy and beautiful, married to a hard-working executive who has worked his way up to a position of trust in her family’s holding company, Neslihan is devoted to her husband Murat and their kids. But Neslihan’s perfect life is a castle built on sand. Her father ran off when she was young, her sister committed suicide, and her workaholic mother is emotionally checked-out.

A lesser person might have become bitter and inward, but Neslihan has always been warm and loving. She’s the emotional rock for her family and friends, someone who just can’t help but help others in distress. That is, until she finds out Murat has been cheating on her for years with Damla, whom she met very recently and considered as a sister. Suddenly, her world turns upside down, and everything Neslihan ever believed comes into question. The experience turns her into a completely different person, as she fights to protect her children and herself.

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