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Kirli Sepeti

Kirli Sepeti


For every rich neighborhood, there is an army of poor women who keep it running. All these cleaners, caregivers, and household help live by the same rule: Be invisible. Like pieces of furniture, they are there to serve a function and that’s it. Only after working all day for someone else’s family can they go home to their own and live like real people with their own dreams and desires.

Kirli Sepeti is the story of one such group of resilient women whose lives are spent cleaning up the messes left by others. The story begins when Meryem, one of these women, tragically falls to her death while working in a house, an event that goes unnoticed by the people she served. İlkgül, Meryem's friend, and Kahraman, a journalist, join forces to uncover the truth behind Meryem's untimely demise. As they seek justice for Meryem, they also begin to unravel the hidden complexities of the households Meryem and the other ladies serve, shining a light on the walls between "us" and "them" in society.

Meryem’s death is a wakeup call to her friends, each of whom faces their own private challenges. Songül has endured a demanding employer for years after a difficult divorce. For her children’s sake, Songül has endured a demanding employer for years after a difficult divorce. She is like an elder sister, finding jobs and giving advice to all the other ladies. Hayriye seems like a cheerful woman on the surface, taking on all the most challenging jobs and barging in to help everyone with their problems, but her impulsiveness masks a deep sensitivity to others which often brings her pain. Medine, on the other hand, is a moral, conservative woman who silently endures mistreatment to support her sister. But when Medine discovers wrongdoing at her employers’ home, she cannot expose it without destroying their family.

While they initially perceive Meryem's death as an unfortunate incident, the story takes a darker turn as they uncover unsettling secrets within the complex. As İlkgül and Kahraman work together to uncover the truth, they become entangled in a web of hidden realities. The houses these ladies clean may appear spotless, but behind closed doors are many secrets, hidden injustices and forbidden desires.

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