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We have put together a collection of Turkish shows that are currently in production to help you keep track of what's new and what's coming soon. The information on this page, sourced from all over the web (primarily, is constantly updated. The page is automatically sorted by the most-recently updated show. To get notified when a show premieres, click the notification bell beside each title.

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❄️   Winter
Genres: Drama
In "Yalan", which is a strong and realistic women's story, designed based on many painful and striking real events that have resonated with the public, Melike, who survived in prison for 20 years for the sake of her daughter, fell into the middle of a big lie when she was released. All the injustices and evil done to her unravel in the face of Melike, who draws her strength from goodness and light.

Aslıhan Güner will play the role of "Melike" in the series.
Production: Süreç Film

Writers:  Murat Boyacıoğlu and Cem Akyoldaş

Network: Kanal D