Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe For Love)

Summer 2021 ☀️ summer Dizi
Genre(s): Romantic Comedy
Description: Fırat, a kebab master in his own right, wants to teach a lesson to the famous life coach Doctor Aşk, who plays with his fate. Fırat's journey, in anger, drags him to a French restaurant. Fırat, who was a good chef in French cuisine in the past, finds true love and regains his love for the cuisine he was once passionate about, thanks to the beautiful Naz Soyluer, the owner of the French restaurant he visits. The food wizard Fırat Chef, who blends eastern and western cuisines, will come to realize that there is not a single “Recipe of Love” in the recipe book that will surprise everyone. Can Fırat, who goes on an indescribable journey of love, give Doctor Aşk a "Love Lesson"? Or will he be hunted on his way to the hunt? Will Fırat be able to find a “Recipe For Love,” or is there a “Recipe For Love? Production Company: NTC Medya

Director: Deniz Koloş

Screenwriters: Doruk Erengül and Leyla Oter

Network: Kanal D
Yoktan Seçmeli

Yoktan Seçmeli

Production Company: NTC Medya