Elkızı English Episodes


  • 2021 – Present
  • 1 Season
  • Airs on: FOX
  • Drama
Ezo lost her mother to suicide. She grows up belittled by her father and ignored by her grandmother. This lack of love turned her into a vicious young girl. Despite the physical and psychologic abuse she has experienced, no one can bring her down. She has noone but the two people who have always been there for her: Esma, a farmhand, and Ezo’s childhood friend, Ali, who, is in love with her. She managed to graduate from high school despite having no permission to do so. Her only dream is to be the educated, strong and independent woman her mother wanted her to be. Then she is shocked when her father accidentally makes a terrible confession. Her mother whom she’s been grieving for 14 years didn’t actually commit suicide, she was thrown off the balcony by her father. That night, she burns down the farmhouse with her father Resul, her stepmother Ayfer, and Bekir inside. Resul and Ayfer die and Bekir fights for his life in the hospital. She confesses to her grandmother Cavidan, and she wants to turn herself in. Now Cavidan is stuck in between; Ezo is her son’s killer, but she is the only other family member left alive. Dreaming to start a proper family, Ezo enthusiastically runs towards that light, knocking down anyone in her way. She doesn’t know that her mother’s fate awaits her. But what if that fire just goes out one day? What if the light that Ezo blindly runs towards disappears? Ezo grew up in darkness, learned to fight in it. Who can beat her in darkness?