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Ağlama Anne (Foster Mother)

Ağlama Anne (Foster Mother)


Alev is an ambitious young woman who made a mistake at the university years. She had an affair with Adnan during this years and got pregnant to a baby girl. Unfortunately Alev lost contact with Adnan but when she found out about her pregnancy she tried to find Adnan back. However Adnan's family threatened her and she couldn't find him. Scared of her father, Alev tried to kill her baby but she couldn't succeed and sent to jail due to this event. Also she was abandoned by her family. However, Alev's sister Damla stands out against her father and takes the baby to protect her. Even though Damla brings the baby to her mother, Alev doesn't want to take the responsibility due to the traumas she had.
Alev gets out of the jail only when her daughter, Zeynep, becomes 18 years old. Zeynep is raised knowing her mother is Damla. When Alev gets out the jail, she starts a new life and makes plans to get her daughter back.
On the other hand, Adnan is unhappily married and tries to maintain this marriage just for the sake of his child. He finds about his daughter from Alev by chance and he holds responsible his father to hides this secret. Adnan will have to deal with the process of divorce and trying to find his lost daughter. In the mean time when he tries to find his daughter, he and Damla falls in love.
In all of this complexity, Alev will do everything to get her daughter back and Damla will not give her 'daughter' that she looked after with many difficulties. The two sister will have to fight over their motherhood while Damla and Adnan will have to fight for their love.

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