Akıncı English Episodes


Fatih is an idealistic History teacher who is handsome and honest. On the day he graduated from university, Orhan, who said that he was his father's colleague, appeared in front of him and explained the facts about his family history, which he had never known, to Fatih; Fatih's father is a 'Akıncı Bey' of Ottoman descent and was martyred as a result of an assassination attempt. This sacred duty, which has been going on for centuries, will now continue. Over the years, Fatih is trained with Orhan's help, and he wages war against all kinds of criminal organizations that pose a threat to his country. While he teaches history with an extraordinary understanding of education during the day, he assumes the role of Akıncı by hiding his true identity with the mask he wears at night. With the operations he performs, he turns into a folk hero day by day. The dark forces, who suffered great damage from Akıncı's operations, take action to eliminate him. Meanwhile, the police forces are after Akıncı, who has a great public support and tries to provide justice alone. Nergis is a successful journalist who has been trying to reveal the true identity of Akıncı for years. Raider; He saves the life of Nergis, who confronts him on a mission. When it is understood that the house rented by Nergis belongs to Fatih's family, the paths of the two cross again. Special operations police officer Cüneyt, who was after Akıncı, also fell in love with Nergis years ago, but could not find a return for his love. In this process, there is something that Fatih does not know, getting closer and closer to Nergis; Nergis's father, Cevdet, is one of those responsible for all these evils across the country. While all this is happening, Akıncı will try to protect his country, fight for the revenge of his father on the one hand, and set sail for an impossible love.