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Vefa had been accepted to an elite high school, far from his hardscrabble roots. He was happy, confident, and had his whole life ahead of him. So when his death was ruled a suicide, his friends couldn’t believe it. Then a mysterious letter arrived, saying he was murdered by someone on campus. It also contained the answers to the school’s entrance exam. Now his best friends Ali, Zeyno and Arap will enroll at Vefa’s school looking for answers. Their search eventually leads them to Berk, the rector’s son, and his closest friends Cemre, Hazal, Çağrı and Ege.

The trappings of wealth and outright snobbery make it hard for Vefa’s friends to adjust to their new surroundings, but eventually they are able to see past the class divide. They find their footing and catch a glimpse of a better life – once unthinkable, but now within reach. What began as a search for answers will give Ali, Zeyno and Arap hope and change their lives forever.

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