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Best "Revenge" Turkish Dramas Online


120 mins
Drama Romance Kanal D
You can live with secrets, but never by lies. It is a story of three people whose lives were changed by a tragic accident forever. An innocent young woman Meryem (Ayça Ayşin Turan), a cynical prosecutor Oktay (Cemal Toktaş) and a vengeful man Savaş (Furkan Andıç). On a rainy night, Meryem and Oktay hit a woman with their car, not knowingly killing Savaş’s wife and her unborn child. Even though Oktay was behind the wheel, Meryem takes responsibility for the crime to help him protect his reputation as a prosecutor. However, Oktay gets appointed to the very same lawsuit of which Meryem is the defendant. Now he has a chance to get rid of both her and the crime he committed. It is the ultimate conflict of interests because what comes first for Meryem is Oktay. On the other hand, Oktay is purely in this for himself. What comes first for Savaş is vengeance for his wife’s murderer. The only thing that will separate the innocent from the guilty and the truth from the lie is love. However, it will grow from hate this time.


120 mins
Action Crime Romance Star TV
Two cops nab a drug lord, who offers them an outrageous bribe to get him off in the late 1980s. One says no, the other says yes, and soon it’s the honest cop who’s kicked off the force in a drug scandal. He was set up by his best friend, the crooked cop, who becomes the drug dealer’s right-hand man and, eventually, a master criminal in his own right.

For the honest cop, nothing but tragedy. He takes his family from Istanbul but dies soon after. The family becomes separated when thugs take away the oldest son, Kuzgun. This eight-year-old boy ends up on the streets, fending for himself. Over the next 20 years, the orphan transcends all the pain and trauma of his childhood to transform himself into the perfect sword of vengeance.

Now an adult, nothing will get in Kuzgun’s way. He infiltrates the gang of Rifat, the best friend who betrayed his father, and soon Kuzgun begins to rise through the ranks. All is going according to plan… until he runs into Dila.

Dila is Rifat’s daughter and Kuzgun’s childhood sweetheart. Kuzgun was the love of her life, and it broke her heart when he disappeared. Now 20 years later he reappears as her bodyguard. Dila doesn’t recognize the new man at first, but is strangely drawn to him all the same.

Of course, Kuzgun knows exactly who Dila is. He tries to harden his heart, but the old spark just won’t die. Soon their love catches fire, and the bond between them becomes Kuzgun’s greatest obstacle. Can this unbreakable love conquer his thirst for revenge?

This improbable love story puts Kuzgun and Dila on a dangerous path, as the forces of love and revenge transform them both.


120 mins
Drama Legal TV8
Tuzak tells the story of three siblings Mahir, Umut and Umay whose springs of life were taken from them. Who is bad, who is real, who is fake? In such a mixed-up world, three siblings Umut, Mahir and Umay who came together for a common purpose, find out that they don’t have the bond they thought they had. On the other hand, Güneş, Güven and Mete are the siblings, each one of whom believed that their father’s approval and their comfortable lives were more important than each other. Umut, as he is taking revenge from this family he hates, he goes through his biggest conflict thanks to Güneş, the girl whom he believes to be the love of his life with each passing day. Güneş doesn’t know the real identity and purpose of Umut whom she knows as a dirty lawyer Çınar Yılmaz. She will entrust her family’s and her own future to this man whom she falls in love with..


120 mins
Drama Teen NOW
Vefa had been accepted to an elite high school, far from his hardscrabble roots. He was happy, confident, and had his whole life ahead of him. So when his death was ruled a suicide, his friends couldn’t believe it. Then a mysterious letter arrived, saying he was murdered by someone on campus. It also contained the answers to the school’s entrance exam. Now his best friends Ali, Zeyno and Arap will enroll at Vefa’s school looking for answers. Their search eventually leads them to Berk, the rector’s son, and his closest friends Cemre, Hazal, Çağrı and Ege.

The trappings of wealth and outright snobbery make it hard for Vefa’s friends to adjust to their new surroundings, but eventually they are able to see past the class divide. They find their footing and catch a glimpse of a better life – once unthinkable, but now within reach. What began as a search for answers will give Ali, Zeyno and Arap hope and change their lives forever.


120 mins
Drama Romance NOW
GÜLCEMAL begins 30 years ago in Bursa, where the beautiful Zafer is forced to abandon Mustafa, the man she loves, to marry Saim, who she does not. Zafer gives birth to a son, Gülcemal, who she cannot bring herself to love. Later, she has a daughter, Gülendam. Her family is like a weight on Zafer’s chest, so when Mustafa reappears in Bursa, she runs off with him. When Zafer gets pregnant, Saim hangs himself. The young Gülcemal takes his revenge, killing Mustafa with a bread knife. It is at this point Zafer curses Gülcemal, telling him he will never be loved.

Zafer’s words prove predictive, and twenty years later, after he has made his fortune and returned to Bursa a rich and powerful man, Gülcemal still has never known love. The relentless pursuit of success and his deep resentment against the mother who abandoned him turned Gülcemal into a monster. But all that begins to change when he meets the beautiful, mysterious Deva. The two are polar opposites, yet hatred eventually gives way to passion in what would seem to be an impossible love affair.


120 mins
Drama ATV
Reyyan is the granddaughter of Sadoglu Family, one the strongest families in Midyat. Although her father Hazar and her uncle Cihan are important figures in the grand family, the real leader is her grandfather, Nasuh. Nasuh has been mistreating Reyyan, he was always more considerate of her cousin Yaren. The reason of it is that Reyyan is not his biological granddaughter. Being unaware of this fact, Reyyan, goes riding and when Miran’s car approaches, the horse gets scared so Reyyan falls down. Miran falls in love with Reyyan and he would like to marry her. This news enables Yaren to take revenge on Reyyan since she takes away Yaren’s beloved one. After marriage takes place, Miran and Reyyan go to their mansion to begin their new life, however, Miran ends the relationship after spending the first night with Reyyan. The reason behind is that Reyyan’s father had killed Miran’s mother and father many years ago so Miran was brought up by his grandmother to take revenge for the deaths. Over time, the secrets will be revealed while Reyyan and Miran will try to appreciate their love despite all obstacles.


120 mins
Drama Romance Mystery Star TV
Bedir Kavvi is released from prison after having served fifteen years for the murder of his close friend Ahmet Cibranoglu. He spent 15 years grieving the loss of his best friend, and being punished for a crime he did not commit, and his aim from now on is to carry on with his life with his daughter Zuluf, his son Muslum, and his wife. The news that Bedir was released from prison came as a bombshell at the mansion of the Cibranoglu family. While Okkes, the younger son of the Cibranoglu family, swears to seek revenge on Bedir, Kenan (Mehmet Ali Nuroglu – Lifeline), who took control of the business and became the head of the family after his father Ahmet’s death, tries to dissuade him from doing so.

However, there is a fact that is not known to either of these rival families: Muslum, the son of the Kavvi family, and Nefise, the daughter of the Cibranoglu family, have been in love with each other since high school. Thinking that their families would not allow them to get married, Muslum and Nefise elope, which once again pits the two families against each other. The situation spirals out of control once Okkes gives chase to Muslum who eloped with Nefise. Burning with the desire for revenge, Okkes kidnaps Bedir’s daughter Zuluf and leaves her to die in the well like his father was pushed into a well 15 years ago. Now, it is Zuluf’s turn to await her death in this pitch-black well just like Okkeş’s dad had to do. If they do not bring Nefise back, he will make sure that Bedir has to endure the loss of his daughter just like how Okkes had to mourn the loss of his dad.