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Bedir Kavvi is released from prison after having served fifteen years for the murder of his close friend Ahmet Cibranoglu. He spent 15 years grieving the loss of his best friend, and being punished for a crime he did not commit, and his aim from now on is to carry on with his life with his daughter Zuluf, his son Muslum, and his wife. The news that Bedir was released from prison came as a bombshell at the mansion of the Cibranoglu family. While Okkes, the younger son of the Cibranoglu family, swears to seek revenge on Bedir, Kenan (Mehmet Ali Nuroglu – Lifeline), who took control of the business and became the head of the family after his father Ahmet’s death, tries to dissuade him from doing so.

However, there is a fact that is not known to either of these rival families: Muslum, the son of the Kavvi family, and Nefise, the daughter of the Cibranoglu family, have been in love with each other since high school. Thinking that their families would not allow them to get married, Muslum and Nefise elope, which once again pits the two families against each other. The situation spirals out of control once Okkes gives chase to Muslum who eloped with Nefise. Burning with the desire for revenge, Okkes kidnaps Bedir’s daughter Zuluf and leaves her to die in the well like his father was pushed into a well 15 years ago. Now, it is Zuluf’s turn to await her death in this pitch-black well just like Okkeş’s dad had to do. If they do not bring Nefise back, he will make sure that Bedir has to endure the loss of his daughter just like how Okkes had to mourn the loss of his dad.

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