Şeref Meselesi English Episodes

Şeref Meselesi

Everything begins with the Kılıç family’s move to İstanbul. Moving to İstanbul is Zeliha’s biggest dream. Zeliha and her husband Hasan have two sons. Their first child Yiğit, is a mischievous, good-looking, womanizer, and a powerful man. Their second son Emir is just the opposite of his brother. He is a calm, hard-working man and when it comes to women, he is timid and shy.After finishingthe faculty of law, Emir decides to make his compulsory internship in İstanbul.The moment Zeliha hears about this, she starts a fight and this fight causesthe death of grandfather Basri. As a result of his death, the whole familyreceives an inheritance and moves to Istanbul. Hasan decides to open a jewelrystore with the assistance of Sadullah, who is a beloved and well-known man inthe neighborhood.Yiğit, on day oneattracts the attention of all the neighborhood girls. Kübra and Derya are amongthese girls and they both fall in love with him at first sight. However, Yiğitdevelops a crush on Sibel who is an arrogant model. Sibel runs from Yiğit andthrows herself into Emir’s arms. She becomes Emir’s first love.Hasan borrowsmoney from Sadullah and opens his store. One day before the opening, the storeis robbed and he is left with a loan and no means of repaying it. Hasan can’tdeal with it and commits suicide. After his tragic suicide the two brothersattempt to avenge their father. Yiğit tries to avenge him illegally while Emirtries to do it by legal means.