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Ne Gemiler Yaktım (Standing Together)

Ne Gemiler Yaktım (Standing Together)

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Ne Gemiler Yaktım brings together two women with nothing in common except for motherhood. Yasemin is a vibrant, confident young woman who lost her husband during pregnancy and struggles to support her daughter. Fidan is a reserved and anxious woman fiercely protective of her own daughter, always looking over her shoulder for an unseen peril. When Yasemin loses her child in a bustling mall, it is Fidan who reunites them. This chance meeting irrevocably alters the course of their lives.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Fidan is on the run from her husband Rutkay, a hardened criminal under investigation by Chief Inspector Toprak. It is not long before Yasemin and Fidan find themselves unintentionally involved in a crime that puts them in Toprak’s sights. Their shared secret binds them together, as Yasemin and Fidan must cooperate to survive and clear their names. These two women, who in normal circumstances should never have met, are now each other’s only hope.

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