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Bir Deli Rüzgar (A Crazy Wind)

Bir Deli Rüzgar (A Crazy Wind)


Thirty years ago, Melike learned the hard way what it means to pursue dreams of fame as a singer. Now fallen on hard times and her dreams long shattered, she sees in young Gökçe the same naive longing for success and believes it will only bring heartache. Together, they seek a way to stop history repeating itself.

Melike’s youth was shaped by her determination to become a star. She achieved fame in the 1970s and 80s, but her glory days as a famous, headlining music hall act eventually crumbled into dust. Left penniless and unknown, she now makes a living cleaning toilets in a night club.

It is now Gökçe who is chasing the same dream of stardom. She is young, beautiful and ambitious. When Melike meets her, it brings the memories flooding back. Gökçe rebels against her father, just as she did in the 70s. She flees the family home with just a small backpack on her shoulder, to pursue her dream.

They first cross paths on a busy Saturday night at the club, when Melike reveals the truth about her life. She introduces her foster son, a street musician, and they gradually become close. But for all the love the woman feel for each other, their feelings remain mixed.

Melike takes it upon herself to warn Gökçe how dangerous the path to fame is. She recalls the time her father shouted and hit her, accusing her of hanging out with bad people and getting drunk. “If they are like wolves, I will be like a jackal”, she recalls saying in response to her family’s warnings.

Now when Melike warns Gökçe, she responds in a similar irritated way. Hypnotized by the prospect of fame, she does not want to be demoralized and tries to block her ears to the warnings. “Who are you to tell me what to do?” she asks when she is told to give up on her dreams.

Gökçe’s views change when she meets Uğur, the son that Melike had to leave behind as a baby. Now a famous club owner, he hates his mother and is responsible for ruining her career and leading her into her current situation.

Now he sets his sights on Gökçe, keen to harm anyone close to Melike. Cunningly, he sucks her in, appealing to all her weak points. He hires her as the main singer in his club, introducing her to the regulars there. They are all older men with money, who have a taste for young women.

But Uğur’s devious plan to ruin Gökçe’s does not take her charm into account. He falls desperately in love with Gökçe. His battle is no longer with his mother, but coming to terms with whom he has become.

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