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Hayatımın Şansı

Hayatımın Şansı


Yonca is a single mother struggling to raise her 5 year-old daughter. Yonca and Sare are poor, but they have each other, and they have a happy life.

All at once, things change: Sare’s estranged father comes back in the picture, suing for custody. Then Yonca is evicted from her home, and after that she’s fired from her job.

With nowhere to live, no money coming in, and the prospect of losing her daughter, Yonca is truly hopeless – until the day she meets an old man with an unusual proposition.

Turgay tells Yonca that he can guarantee she wins a 250 million lira jackpot in the lottery.

The old man turns out to be Yonca’s father, a man Yonca thought was dead. Turgay works for the mafia, and now that he is dying, he wants to do right by his daughters – including two half-sisters Yonca has never met.

The only way Turgay’s scheme can work is if Yonca agrees, because nobody knows she exists.

Desperate to save her daughter, Yonca says yes. All she wants is to collect the money, grab Sare, and flee the country, but things are not so simple after Yonca wins the jackpot.

Both the police and the mafia are after her, and her half-sisters present difficulties of their own.

The only one on Yonca’s side is Ruzgar, the handsome taxi driver who helps her escape. What Yonca doesn’t know is that Ruzgar is actually a police captain working undercover to bring the mob to justice.

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