Aşkın Tarifi English Episodes

Aşkın Tarifi

"The chef of a humble kebab restaurant Fırat’s (Kadir Doğulu) life changes drastically because of the coaching given by Doctor Love (Alper Saldıran) on the TV. He wants to bring him down a notch. This furious journey takes him to a nice French restaurant… As an ex-chef devoted to French cuisine Fırat re-practices with his secret passion and meets love again, with the owner of this restaurant Naz Soyluer (Serra Arıtürk). Chef Fırat who can create the great mixtures with the Oriental & Western cuisine essences will soon understand that there is no “Recipe of Love” in his cookbook. Can Fırat larn Doctor Love a “love lesson” or will he be hooked by love on his way? Can he find the recipe for love or is there really recipe of love?"