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Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz

Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz


The day Alize was born, her mother passed away. Alize has a strong sense of guilt even though her father Nurettin can't express it out loud not to make her upset. Add to this the compromises Nurettin made to keep her happy, the result is an aggressive, self-centred character who is basically in conflict with herself. However, he reaches a breaking point—almost a wake-up call—when his daughter is involved in a hit-and-run damaging a mechanic’s car. Before it's too late, he decides to teach his daughter the things he was unable to teach her while she was younger. Her first goal is to teach Alize to respect the decisions and wishes of others. For this reason, he proposes to Sinem, whom he loved for years but could not take a step towards marriage, so that Alize would not be upset. All hell breaks loose, however, when Alize discovers that her father will propose to Sinem—not through him, but through the solitaire engagement ring she found in his room!

Nurettin, a determined and stubborn man, does not take a step back on marriage. Alize, who does not lag behind her father in obstinacy, makes the same step in response to his, in other words, she marries a guy she thinks her dad won't approve of...

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