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Ruhun Duymaz

Ruhun Duymaz


Onur Karasu, a brilliant young intelligence agent known for his analytical mind and diverse skills, rises to lead a department. He has been trailing Civan Koral, who appears as the owner of a prestigious jewelry company but secretly represents an international crime syndicate. Onur suspects incriminating evidence lies hidden in Civan’s family home safe.
Learning of Civan’s plan to leave the country, Onur changes tactics, romancing Hilal, Civan’s sister, to gain access. Onur proposes to Hilal, aiming to access the safe on their engagement night.However, a masked thief, revealed to be Ece, a skilled jewel thief, beats him at his own game. Ece threatens to expose Onur unless they collaborate.
Their tumultuous, fun, and dangerous relationship gradually brings them closer together. Despite their contrasting worlds, Ece and Onur embark on an unexpected journey, gradually falling deeply in love. But both carry hidden truths. Can love triumph over adversity? Together, they’ll discover the answer.

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