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Senden Daha Güzel

Senden Daha Güzel


In “Senden Daha Güzel” Efsun is dragged from her idyllic village home and into chaotic city life when her long-lost mother Pervin reappears. In this moving story, the kind-hearted Efsun struggles to adjust to Istanbul's high society until she finds love. She then blossoms, overcoming personal rivalries as she finds her way in life.

Pervin abandoned Efsun when she was six to become a top plastic surgeon. Twenty-one years later she tricks the now successful dermatologist Efsun into coming to Istanbul to help run her beauty clinic. Pervin will not take no for an answer, even threatening to take away Efsun’s farm unless she agrees.

Efsun struggles to adapt to the world of plastic surgery and the surgeon Kaan, with whom she runs the clinic. But he evolves from being an arrogant womanizer as he begins to fall for Efsun. They become drawn into a passionate affair that transforms her attitude to life in the city.

Efsun starts to see that city people have different stories to tell and problems to cope with. Overcoming the difficulties of a lonely, stressful urban life, Efsun and her colleagues become close, solving each other's problems and growing to be like a big family as they share their tears and joy.

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