Meleklerin Aşkı English Episodes

Meleklerin Aşkı

Yagmur is a sweet guy, raised by the elderly residents of the care home where he was found abandoned as a baby. But as his senior friends pass away one by one, Yagmur realises just how precious life - and love - is. His heart melts the day he meets Melek, the beautiful daughter of one of his residents, though in his eyes she is totally unobtainable. Every week, as Melek visits her mother, Yagmur prepares to declare his love for her but always shies away at the last minute. When Melek’s mother is forced to move back to the family home after an accident, Yagmur fears he will never see either of them again. But Melek’s mother likes Yagmur, and understands that he has a crush on her daughter, so she offers him the opportunity to come and work as a caregiver in the family home. Though he jumps at the chance to be near Melek again, he soon finds himself caring not just for her mother, but also Melek’s sister’s demanding family. But for Yagmur it is all worth it for his biggest challenge – to win Melek’s heart.