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Yeni Gelin

Yeni Gelin


Bella is a well-travelled, educated girl from an aristocratic background. Though she has a modern outlook on life, it is still her dream to meet a fairy tale prince. And when she finds him at university, she is thrilled to meet a man from a different culture - the heir of a tribe from the East of Turkey. When he proposes, Bella sees her opportunity to start an exotic Eastern adventure and gladly follows him home to meet his family, despite her own parents’ reservations. After some initial hesitations, Bella is welcomed with a beautiful wedding ceremony and her life in the tribe looks set to fulfill her expectations. However, the day after the wedding it becomes clear that her place in the family, as the New Bride, is at the bottom of the hierarchy. She is expected to act as a maid, acting on orders from the rest of the family. But Bella, with her university education and modern outlook doesn’t take to this role, assuming a place instead as the Troublesome Bride...

New Bride has been a huge breakthrough hit - the number one series in Saturday prime time on Turkish television for the whole of Spring 2017, Show TV immediately renewed the series for a second season later in the year.

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