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Kaçak Gelinler

Kaçak Gelinler


It was all over the news: Three women who didn’t know one another each ran away from their weddings and boarded the same plane to Istanbul – wedding gown and all! By the time they arrived, the runaway brides were already famous. But that didn’t make it any easier to start their new life in a new city.

Each of the brides ended up in Istanbul for different reasons. Sebnem was dumped at the last minute but followed her ex-fiancée in hopes of winning him back. Kainat escaped an arranged marriage to the butcher to be with her high-school crush Ege. Almilla ran away from her wedding to chase a man she had only met in her dreams.

The women are very different people, but fame brought them together, and they end up sharing an apartment in Istanbul. As they make their way in a new city, each of woman learn that sometimes dreams don’t come true – but if you listen with your heart you’ll find the love that was meant for you!

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