We have put together a collection of Turkish shows that are currently in production to help you keep track of what's new and what's coming soon. If you would like to get notified for when they premiere, use the notifications_on button. The information on this page, sourced from all over the web (primarily TV100), is constantly updated . The page is automatically sorted by the most-recently updated show.

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Yalnız Kurt

🍁 fall Dizi
Description: Yalnız Kurt will bring to the screen the epic story of the struggle against Golyat.

Producer: Osman Sınav

Screenwriter: Murat Koca and Alper Erze

Director: M. Çağatay Tosun

Network: ATV

Aşkın Yolculuğu: Hacı Bayram Veli

In Production 🍁 fall Dizi
Genre(s): History
Production Company: Tekden Film

Director: Kamil Aydın

Network: TRT1

Mahkum (Innocent Defendant)

Turkish Remake 🍁 fall Dizi
Genre(s): Drama Mystery
Description: A prosecutor has lost his memory and discovers that he is convicted on death row. He is now left with no option but to find the truth behind his condition and prove his innocence.
Production Company: MF Yapım

Director: Yusuf Pirhasan

Screenwriter: Uğraş Güneş

Network: FOX