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Performer of the Week - Hande Erçel


THE SHOW | Sen Çal Kapımı
THE EPISODE | Episode 29 (Jan. 30, 2021)

THE PERFORMANCE | If there is one TV trope that is more than outplayed in diziland, it is identity amnesia. It is a go-to plot device as it is the easiest (and sometimes laziest) route to take to extend the longevity of a television series. With how frequently amnesia storylines recur, it is on the actors in play to deliver a fresh and innovative take, and that is exactly what Hande Erçel did in Episode 29 of Sen Çal Kapımı.

The episode marked the dawn of a new era for the beloved dramedy, with some characters departing and others either joining or making their way back. However, one thing did remain consistent, and it was Hande Erçel giving her all in every scene featuring her character Eda.

This episode featured the aftermath of Serkan's disappearance, with his plane having vanished with trace two months prior. With a love story as powerful as theirs, Eda kept the faith, reiterating time and time again to those who doubted, that Serkan would keep his promise and make his way back to her someday. In the interim, she made sure Sirius was well taken care of and continued to make sure things were running smoothly at Art/Life! 

Then, it happened. The love of her life, whom she had kept up with her dreams, had made his way out of them to join her back in the real world –– but he did not come alone nor the same for that matter. He came along with some baggage with (ex)piry dates blurred out by the fragments of his missing memories.

Particularly from the 30-minute mark of the episode onwards, Hande Erçel offered a series of career-defining performances as she embarked on a roller coaster ride of Eda's emotions. In the highly-anticipated moment when Eda comes face-to-face with Serkan, despite sharing the scene with many other awesome actors, Hande's searing performance, which did not even involve uttering a single word, shone through and elevated her to another level.

There was plenty more to admire as the episode progressed, and with Hande's passionate portrayal of her character's devastation, the audience was kept engaged –– and emotionally wrecked –– at every turn.

The scene that she truly knocked it out of the park came when Eda confronted Serkan with evidence of the life and love they shared together before his accident. "Look! Look how in love we were. Serkan, look at me. Look, it's me. Eda," she cried out as she flipped through memories by way of photos of them together. Anchored by an equally great performance from her co-star Kerem Bürsin, Hande Erçel filled the scene with a certain degree of intensity, using every inch of her body to command the screen like nobody's business.

Putting ourselves in Eda's shoes, our reaction in real life will mirror that of Hande's performance, and with that, we simply cannot rave enough about its authenticity. While most of her performances in this episode were tear-jerking, she also brought her humor game along the way, balancing out her own versatility as an actor.  

Hande Erçel has been in the acting biz for a hot minute now, and through the years, it has truly been incredible to watch her growth and evolution as an actress. It's about time credit is given where it is due, and it has long been due in the case of Hande Erçel ...and that's on period. 

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