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'Behind the Veil': Eccho Rights Acquires Kanal 7's 'Gelin' for Global Distribution


Eccho Rights has acquired international distribution rights for Kanal 7's primetime series, “Gelin” (Behind the Veil)

The series, which is currently airing twice a week in Türkiye, is the latest from Eccho's partnership with Kanal 7, the Turkish broadcaster that has made a name for itself following a string of hit titles like Elif, Yemin (The Promise), Emanet (Legacy), and more recent titles such as Esaret (Redemption) and Rüzgarlı Tepe (Winds of Love).
To bring this new title to the market in partnership with Kanal 7 is an exciting step for us, having enjoyed such mutual success with their original productions over the past decade. Behind the Veil is another example of a commission that understands the demands of a global audience but brings a unique take on telling that classic, romantic storyHandan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights.
Behind the Veil is the story of Hançer, a young woman who has faced a life of challenges but always met them face on. When her only family member - older brother Cemil - falls ill, she will do anything to get him the treatment he needs. She enters into a marriage of convenience with a wealthy bachelor who has his own demanding family to satisfy, but neither of them could expect that their relationship would turn into something far more than just convenient…
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