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MIPTV 2024: Inter Medya's Turkish Drama Collection


The 2024 edition of the international television market, MIPTV, will take place from April 8 to 10 at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes. Among the attendees is a prominent Turkish TV distributor, Inter Medya, backed by an extensive lineup of Turkish series, edgy mini-series, and more.

Inter Medya MIPTV Highlights:

Love and Pride (Aşk ve Gurur)

The series follows the well-rooted Köksoys family, who live in an ancestral mansion but are on the verge of losing everything. They plot to have one of their three daughters marry Tolga, the heir to a wealthy and established family, unbeknownst to them that Tolga is just as submerged as them and desires this marriage for his own salvation.

Deception (Aldatmak)

Güzide Yenersoy, a respectable family court judge living in Istanbul, has what could be described as the epitome of a perfect family. But when secrets are revealed, she must confront the reality that her life has been a lie.


Meryem sees her life turn upside down when she travels with her husband Kemal and children for her sister's wedding in Istanbul, and her husband goes missing. When Kemal is found dead in a burnt car with a woman Meryem has never met, she votes to stay in Istanbul to find his killer.

Other Highlights: 

  • Like There's No Tomorrow (Yarın Yokmuş Gibi): A successful actress, Manolya, and an experienced journalist see their lives change forever after an interview shot in a single location over one night.
  • Poison Ivy (Gecenin Ucunda): a love story about two souls finding each other despite the whole world, even themselves.
  • The Trusted (Maraşlı): An ex-soldier caring for his ailing daughter sees his life change when the beautiful Mahur Turel, the precious daughter of Aziz Turel, one of the most powerful businessmen in Turkey, walks into his bookstore.
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