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MIPTV 2024: MADD Entertainment's Turkish Drama Collection


The 2024 edition of the international television market, MIPTV, will take place from April 8 to 10 at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes. Madd Entertainment, who is in charge of distributing shows produced by two of Türkiye's biggest production companies, Ay Yapim and Med Yapim, will be in attendance with a slate of Turkish dramas you don't want to miss.

MADD Entertainment MIPTV Highlights:

Blooming Lady (Bahar)

The highest-rated of the season, Blooming Lady follows the titular character, Bahar, a stay-at-home mother who faces a life-threatening illness and decides to make some changes in her life. She goes back to complete the medical residency she had to give up 20 years ago, even though that means working under her husband, the Chief Surgeon, and with her son, another first-year resident. Neither they nor her teenage daughter are happy about it, but Bahar finds satisfaction in her new life. Unfortunately, returning to the hospital also means learning some hard truths about her husband and the life he’s been leading away from their family. Ultimately, Bahar rebuilds her life along new lines filled with hope, love, and self-reliance.

Gaddar (No Mercy)

When the world crumbles, heroes rise in unexpected places. When Aydan broke his heart, Daghan thought his life was over. He abandoned his home, signed up for the army and ended up in a special unit fighting in the east. Now after two years of hard duty, Daghan's service is over. It's time to come home. But home is not as Daghan remembers it. His family is shattered, and his old neighborhood has given way to a dark underworld.

Remember (Taş Kağıt Makas)

Remember delves into the life of Umut Tanrikulu, a young man from a poor neighborhood with an extraordinary memory ability called hyperthymesia. His condition allows him to remember every detail from every moment of his life.  Umut's life takes a tragic turn when his father, Riza, is accused of murder and cannot defend himself due to his struggle with Alzheimer's disease. With audacity and perseverance, Umut, alongside the supportive law student Alev and the enigmatic lawyer Harun, embarks on a relentless quest for justice, waging war against mighty cruel enemies to save his father, the last remaining piece of his family…

Other Highlights:

  • Wild Heart (Yabani): The story of the resilient Yaman Ali, who is reunited with his family many years after being kidnapped.
  • The Brave (Hudutsuz Sevda): The story of Halil İbrahim, who vows to avenge the wrongdoings done to him and his loved ones by the powerful Rızvan Leto. In a twist of fate, he falls in love in his archenemy's daughter, Zeynep.
  • My Wonderful Life (Şahane Hayatım): Follows the journey of Şebnem—an anti-heroine born from adversity—who claws her way to the top of society’s ladder.
  • Dirty Laundry (Kirli Sepeti): The story of one resilient group of women whose lives are spent cleaning up the messes left by others. 
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