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Mucize Doktor

Mucize Doktor


Ali is a young autistic savant medical school graduate who had a difficult upbringing. He is quite the genius, but has trouble communicating with people because of his condition. His biggest dream is to become a surgeon. Ali’s godfather, Adil is the chief physician at the Anka Private Hospital. When Ali ranks high in TUS, he wants to hire him as an assistant doctor to the surgeon unit of the hospital he is a chief physician of. However, Adil faces a huge resistance at the hospital. The other doctors do not believe that an autistic person can be a doctor, and are biased against him before they ever meet Ali. They fear that he will make many mistakes and jeopardize the clean sheet record of the great hospital. At last, Adil is left to hard-line these fears and says “Take him in for a six-month trial period, I will resign if he makes a single mistake” to the hospital board of directors. And this way Ali is hired. Ali faces many challenges in this new world he enters. He heals many people, gets through crises, and saves lives thanks to his ingenuity. However, he also makes mistakes along the way due to his condition. And counsels are formed and investigations are conducted due to his mistakes. Ali falls prey to the head surgeon’s plot, who has his eye on the head physician title. On the other hand, he continues to battle his disability, and tries to learn how to communicate with people. He slowly begins to stand on his own two feet and learns what it means to be an individual. Ali doesn’t only learn how to be a surgeon in that hospital.

Ali finds friendship, brotherhood, and love too, in there. He struggles with these feelings has never been exposed to before at first. Then, like the rest of us, he learns to live with these feelings. He slowly establishes himself among the hospital staff. With his pure intensions, and his genuine influence, the hospital starts to evolve around him as well. Ali brings goodness to everything he comes to contact with. He doesn’t only heal people, but he also gives hope to them. The other doctors, the patients, the board of directors, and even those arrogant doctors at the hospital start to see the world from a different point of view with his influence. Lonesome and autistic Ali finds himself a new family. That massive hospital becomes a family around him. And just as he promised his younger brother who dies in his arms, he fulfills his dream and becomes a surgeon… Along with a husband, a younger brother, a son, a mentor, and a friend…

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