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Taçsız Prenses

Taçsız Prenses


Taçsız Prenses tells the story of Masal, a precocious 9-year-old living a hard life in Istanbul. Her mother has a fatal heart condition, and her stepfather is a vicious deadbeat. Only an expensive surgery can cure Masal’s mother, but with nothing coming in, it is up to Masal to raise the money. This harsh reality has turned Masal from a sweet little girl into a ruthless swindler willing to do anything to save her mother.

All that begins to change when Masal meets her new teacher, Evgin, who sees her cynical facade and helps nurture the bright, beautiful little girl that lies within. Evgin shows her there is more to life than pain and tragedy, and as Masal blossoms, she affects those around her in surprising ways. But for all the happiness she brings to others, Masal’s own fairy tale ending remains elusive.

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