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Best "Tearjerker" Turkish Dramas Online

Kara Sevda

120 mins
Drama Romance Star TV
From a middle-class family, Kemal’s only aim in life is to make a living and survive. A mine engineering student, he doesn’t believe in miracles, especially those related to love. But his world turns upside down when Nihan comes into his monotonous life. From a wealthy family, Nihan lives in an affluent area of the neighborhood. However, she finds herself removed from the values of her environment and distant to her own world. Almost impossible, Kemal and Nihan’s love surpasses their differences and they manage to stay together until Kemal has to leave Istanbul to work in a mine in Zonguldak. Soon after, Nihan marries wealthy businessman Emir Kozcuoğlu who has been in love with her since childhood.
5 years later, an unexpected mine accident develops a new path for Kemal; one that will take the completely changed Kemal back to Istanbul to confront Nihan, Emir and everything else that made him turn away. His destiny will force him to complete his unfinished businesses.
Drama Show TV
Ada was just a little girl when her mother died and her mean uncle agreed to take her in. Now she’s a 19 year-old young woman living in a remote village who has spent her whole life serving her uncle and invalid aunt. Even the wages from her day job go to support her uncle’s greed. Just when you think things can’t get any worse , they do. First, she loses her purse, which contains the letter her mother wrote to Ada right before she died. Then her uncle sells her to a petty gangster who wants to make Ada his wife.

A hitchhiker recovers Ada’s purse on his way back to Istanbul. It’s the hitchhiker’s friend, Yusuf, who discovers the letter and understands its significance. Being an orphan himself, he decides to return the letter to Ada. Borrowing a truck from the company where he works as a mover, the young man drives overnight to Ada’s village, where he finds her working at the local market.

Yusuf soon figures out that Ada is in desperate straits , and he tries to convince her that she doesn’t have to go along with her uncle’s plans. It’s only after a humiliating confrontation with her would-be fiancee, and then her uncle that Ada agrees to run away with Yusuf to Istanbul. Without even having shoes on her feet, this young village girl begins her life’s journey to the big city and a whole bunch of new sensations — love, courage, and tears.
Drama ATV
A self-made woman, Elif owns her own wedding and events organization company and has forged her successful professional career with effort and tenacity. She is happily married to Hakan, the COO of a major company with whom she has yet to have any children. The same day that Elif considers starting the adoption process, she receives an unexpected call from the hospital to inform her that her husband had been in an accident. Arriving at the hospital, Elif learns that her husband has died.

Elif goes from sadness to major surprise after discovering that Hakan has a daughter. Disappointed and distraught, she can hardly believe that her husband has betrayed her by hiding for years that he had another wife and a daughter, Guneş, who is unable to speak. Elif tries to communicate with her to no avail and her world falls apart. While she lives a real nightmare, she meets Firat, a businessman who has been looking for her missing sister for years, and their paths cross inevitably.


120 mins
Drama Romance Show TV
Firuze and Ayaz.

Two good souls, two kids that carry a family burden. Fate brought them together, fate/sacrifice separated them. Now life owes them an apology. Life wants to give back the love it has stolen from them. But the path is painful and rough. There’s a nip in the air, it’s winter. Firuze’s eyes are blue, her heart is burning.Firuze's father was falsely accused in the elevator accident that resulted with the deaths of thirteen construction workers. This incident triggered Firuze who is righteous and fair. In this road she has taken to save her father; she meets Ayaz who steals her hopes and leaves without saying good-bye.Shouldering the responsibility of being the man of the house, Ayaz is still yearning for Firuze, who he had to sacrifice for the sake of his mother just when he was about to get married. He's not aware that he's playing a vital role in the accusation of Firuze's father. Firuze is not aware that some good-byes are caused by desperation not by lack of love. Ayaz doesn't know how many times love can be sacrificed!


90 mins
Drama Star TV
The series ANNE, adaptation of the Japanese series MOTHER, tells the story of 7 year-old Melek, ignored and mistreated by her mother, becoming mother/daughter with her teacher Zeynep.


120 mins
Drama Family TV8
Eight-year-old Öykü is an exceptional little girl, who unlike her peers is very empathetic and perceptive of the world around her. When her aunt, who has been her caregiver since birth, abandons her, Öykü will have to find her father, Demir. Unfortunately Demir, an irresponsible adult and a swindler who grew up in an orphanage, gets arrested the day Öykü comes to find him. Demir is released by the court on the condition that he takes care of his daughter, but Demir does not want to live with Öykü, whom he has just met - Demir and his partner-in-crime Ugur try to get rid of Öykü as they prepare for a big job. Their target, Candan has a seemingly quiet life, which only conceals her painful past. Fate will bring these people together, but none know that Öykü has a secret she cannot tell anyone.
Drama NOW
Taçsız Prenses tells the story of Masal, a precocious 9-year-old living a hard life in Istanbul. Her mother has a fatal heart condition, and her stepfather is a vicious deadbeat. Only an expensive surgery can cure Masal’s mother, but with nothing coming in, it is up to Masal to raise the money. This harsh reality has turned Masal from a sweet little girl into a ruthless swindler willing to do anything to save her mother.

All that begins to change when Masal meets her new teacher, Evgin, who sees her cynical facade and helps nurture the bright, beautiful little girl that lies within. Evgin shows her there is more to life than pain and tragedy, and as Masal blossoms, she affects those around her in surprising ways. But for all the happiness she brings to others, Masal’s own fairy tale ending remains elusive.
Drama TRT1
The drama is about the story of a family from Usak who migrates to Istanbul. Cennet, who has been working since she was young and getting ready for marriage, marries Yılmaz, whom she fell in love with, and comes to Istanbul from her village as a bride. As a result of their marriage, which lasted almost forty years, they have three children. The marriage, which started “in good times and bad times”, ends with Cennet’s paralysis and death. She left behind three tearful children and a husband. However, the letter that emerges after the funeral, turns upside down the facts that everyone believes. As it turns out, the letter Cennet penned before her death blames her husband. This causes a division between the siblings: Feride, who always loves her father unconditionally and stands by his side, Birsen, who is used to obeying everything not to be harmed, and Halil, who has not sided with his father for a long time. As a result of her research over time, Cennet’s lawyer manages to find evidence to prove the accuracy of this claim. In fact, this is not difficult at all, as Yılmaz is a man who has always been violent to not only his wife but his children as well. Although this is an open secret to everyone around, no one has dared to stand up against out, instead, they remain silent, especially Cennet. The letter she leaves before she dies is proof to show the truth is crystal clear. Although it is painful for the three siblings to decide where to stand and return to their unfinished reckoning in the past; in time, they decide to heal their wounds and begin to struggle to become a family again. Meanwhile, a great love arises between Halil and Zeynep, the lawyer who deals with his mother’s case. Zeynep fights for both Halil and Cennet.