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Kalp Atışı

Kalp Atışı


Even though the world is a terrible place, there are always people who prove that the good people will ultimately win.

Eylul is a successful neurosurgeon, who is brave enough to stand up to vulgar patients talking down on her for being a female doctor and asking for a male doctor instead.

12 years ago when Eylul was still very young, her life changed significantly: her mother committed suicide. She was then raised by her father and her mean stepmother. She changed schools several times and her father not wanting to deal with a rebellious young girl anymore finally sent her to her grandmother in Marmaris, who runs a small hostel.

Ali Asaf is an outstanding 30-year old teacher working at Marmaris Highschool for Girls. Even though it is still a mystery as to why he left Istanbul when he was a successful doctor to become a teacher at Marmaris, there is one thing that’s true about him: He is the one who saved Eylul from ruining her own life and he is the reason for her becoming a successful neurosurgeon. While all these things happen, in a twist of fate, he falls in love with her.

Ali Asaf gets wrongfully fired from the school due to a misunderstanding. Twelve years later, his path crosses once again with Eylul at the hospital where they both work as doctors. After getting fired from the school, Ali Asaf goes to USA and continues his career as a doctor. When he gets back to Turkey, he starts to work at the hospital owned by his adoptive father. The reason Eylul works at the same hospital is different. She had lost her grandmother in this hospital during a simple surgery and she had vowed to find those responsible and make sure they get punished.

Eylul’s high school friend Bahar is also a surgeon and their competition goes on since school times. Meanwhile, Ali Asaf also has a rival: Oguz, one of the leading neurosurgeons in the country. Oguz is also interested in Eylul. Eylul’s sweet, fun and naive friend Esma moves to Istanbul and they share an apartment together. She runs a Cafe near the hospital, it is the popular meeting point for all the doctors.

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