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Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam


Tamer, who struggled with life at a young age, was tired of his family’s troubles. By turning all these difficult conditions into a game, Tamer managed to protect his inner child. With his sister Meryem, he grew up in an orphanage after his parents left him there. Tamer is now married and has a child. His company becomes a shareholder of a giant American company when the computer game he designed becomes a great success. First, he buys a villa on the Bosphorus to gather his whole family under one roof. His mother Aysel and father Bülent, who have settled in the villa, cannot believe their luck. However, Tamer finds it very difficult to forget the past. The balance Tamer is trying to strike is turned upside down when he encounters Peri.

Peri is in her early thirties,a beautiful, successful private bank manager. As a teenager, she was very disappointed when her mother left her home and family to start a new life with her lover. When she later lost her father who became bankrupt, she was left alone with her sister Naz. Despite Naz’s jealousy of Peri’s success, beauty, and strong outlook on life, Peri was a sister and mother to her. Peri continued to live with her sister after she married Sarper. Peri literally sacrificed her own life to take care of Naz, who is suffering from an illness.

Her world crumbles when she learns of her sister’s and husband’s betrayal. When Peri comes home from work late one evening, she finds her sister and her husband naked in the bathtub. Peri, unable to endure this pain any longer, commits suicide. Peri wanders the streets intending to commit suicide when she suddenly finds herself in Tamer’s secret world. After seeing Peri on the street, drunk and staggering, Tamer instinctively feels the need to save her and kidnaps the young woman in the basement of his villa.

Tamer and Peri will pass many tests for their love. It will take time for their obsessive love to turn into a bond of affection over time.

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