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THE PERFORMER | Murat Yıldırım
THE EPISODE | Episode 31 (Feb.5, 2021)

It's a running not-so-funny joke in the dizi universe that weddings can't seem to end on a happy note because, Heaven forbid, the groom stays put for the T-minus 2.5 seconds required to say "YES" at the wedding table. 

The last couple of episodes of Show TV's Ramo put us through the wringer, with guns blazing like nobody's business. The most recent episode followed the aftermath of the shooting at the wedding hall, which left Sibel fighting for her life. With his "Gülüm" among the list of loved ones hanging on for dear life, a devastated Ramo was prepped and ready to rain hell down on whoever was responsible.

But first,  he needed to make sure Sibel was alright, and in the moments of not knowing her situation, Murat Yıldırım fantastically portrayed Ramo at rock bottom, vulnerable and completely heartbroken. In all that panic, Ramo still needed to gather his resources and track down blood for Sibel, who had lost a lot of hers as a result of the shooting. Having successfully convinced their archenemy, Nehir, to somehow save Sibel's life by giving her blood, Sibel made it out of the O.R., but that was just the tip of the iceberg. As his gülüm rightfully pointed out, nothing is ever free, and especially not when it came at the price of saving someone else's life.

Life soon came fast at Ramo, when a bomb going off was his welcome present to the hospital upon return his return to visit Sibel. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's not real life, but the kind of pain we felt, watching Ramo cry out "Sibel," as he set everyone aside to go enter Sibel's room, was indescribable. The moment when he saw her ring on the floor and hit the floor alongside it completely wrecked us and that is 100% thanks for the brilliant job Murat did in expressing the extreme anguish Ramo was feeling in that very moment. Different people handle their grief in different ways, and with what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives ending with bloodshed, Ramo was rightfully inconsolable. Earlier in the episode, Ramo had said to Sibel that she was his everything, and just the idea that he may have lost her was enough for him to lose himself, and we got to see exactly that with Murat's outstanding performance. We had tried to convince ourselves that Sibel had made it out of the room before the bomb went off, but watching Murat, in all his emotional glory, so help us God, we were petrified that may Sibel was indeed gone –– for good.

When you think of seasoned Turkish actors, Murat Yıldırım is, of course, among the very first ones on the list. To our amazement, the actor has managed to still WOW us with his role in Ramo, delivering a well-rounded performance, episode after episode. Ramo took many huge risks going into the new season, but all of it has seemingly paid off because another actor has awesome as Murat Yıldırım is leading the pack. With each passing day, his ever-sharpening skills as an actor edge him closer and closer to G.O.A.T. status, and with what we saw in the last episode of Ramo, his glory days are far from over. 

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