Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 35 Review

The amnesia plot has finally come to an end and Serkan remembers everything except what a terrible person Selin has been through all of his trauma.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 33 Review

Not much movement on the relationship front for Eda and Serkan. Lots of screen time for the secondary characters and Selin is getting worse.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 32 Review

It's rinse and repeat in the ongoing quest for Serkan to gain his memories and for the Eda /Serkan love story to resume. What will it take?

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 31 Review

Eda and Serkan are still apart and at this point it's hard to imagine what it will take to have him regain his memory. Is Old Serkan gone forever?

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 30 Review

Things are not progressing between Eda and Serkan, what is it going to take to jog his memory? Plus, Selin is the worst of the worst.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 29 Review

Serkan is back but not as he was before. How will Eda handle the new/old Serkan and how does Selin fit into the picture?

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 28 Review

Eda and Serkan are ready to get married and spend their lives together but since when does anything ever go to plan?

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 27 Review

A happy episode this week with a minimum of angst and just a bit of evil thrown in to keep everyone on their toes. We can't complain when we get two proposals.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 26 Review

Hope springs eternal so we may be entering a whole new phase of the Eda and Serkan love story. Will Babanne back down and allow it? That remains to be seen.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 25 Review

Can you call it a break-up with they weren't officially back together? Eda and Serkan go through some very rough times and Grandma is truly evil.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 24 Review

A bittersweet end to the storytelling of writer Ayşe Üner Kutlu and some speculation as to what might happen next for Serkan and Eda.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 23 Review

Serkan is using every thing he knows to win Eda back, will it be enough? How much trouble is Babanne going to cause?

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 22 Review

'The path to true love never did run smooth' to quote Shakespeare and Eda and Serkan are certainly aware of this. A new impediment is set in their path.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 21 Review

Change is inevitable but can Serkan and Eda change enough to save their relationship? What does the path forward look like now that the big secret is out?

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 20 Review

Now that Eda knows the truth, what will it take to be able to reconcile with Serkan? Will he be able to win back her trust? Plus, Selin is the worst.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 19 Review

The one where Serkan chases Eda all day and when he is finally ready to tell her everything he gets interrupted by the worst possible person.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 18 Review

Such loving and longing. How do the Robot and the Fairy kiz figure out staying away from one another? Spoiler, they don't.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 17 Review

Is she or isn't she? Can Efe be this much of a psychopath? Lots of new questions to be answered in this week's episode.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 16 Review

Eda and Serkan attempt to live their lives apart from one another but circumstances don't allow it.. Is it fate or desire that draws them together.

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 15 review

Serkan and Eda are broken and yet still together. Can the love they share be enough to help them overcome all the traumas of the past?