Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 28 Review


Despite all the miles, distance seems frail

It can’t take away the hope that you feel

Across empty miles you know that it’s real

It’s out there waiting soon to be revealed

Somewhere there’s a new love

A heart that beats true

Somewhere there’s a great love...

Waiting for you *

When a door closes, another one opens. We are beginning a new book in the ongoing story of Eda and Serkan. A beautiful episode with an epic, terrible ending. It was obviously the way this was going to go, the production telegraphed that the ending of the episode would be sad by putting out three happy fragmans. This is not our first dizi rodeo. 

One thinks that the writers and producers have decided to wipe the slate clean and start anew with Sen Çal Kapimi. After the episode aired, we saw on Twitter that the actors who played Balca, Babanne and Fifi were leaving the show. So, all our villains are gone. I will definitely miss Sitare Akbas as Fifi, her character was fun and unique, but they never really gave her much to do, so I understand if she wanted to leave, but I will miss her particular world view and her snark.

So, we are starting again I think. My prediction for episode 29 will be that, of course, Serkan isn’t dead but he’s going to be coming back either with amnesia or PTSD. I am thinking that the new writers are going to want to tell their version of Eda and Serkan’s love story, so my money is on amnesia. Which I hate the idea of but it makes the most sense for where we are currently in the story. Amnesia means that they can fall in love again in the way the new writers have imagined. 


What I loved 

All the Serkan and Eda scenes were lovely and loving. They can’t wait to get married and be together. They are determined to be together regardless of what Babanne wants or the reservations that Aydan or Ayfer may harbor. They had some minor miscommunications about being ready but their makeup was very cute, and it shows that they still have some learning to do about communicating however each was quick to apologize to the other so that’s growth.

The boys (and Erdem) take a trip away after each aggravating their partners. They have gone to one of Ferit’s hotels but as soon as they get there, they start to miss their loved ones, but lo and behold, all the kizlar have descended on the hotel to check up on them, spurned on by Fifi in a hilarious bit of trolling. The women are still mad though so it’s separate holidays for the moment. Piril is now a part of the kizlar, which is really nice and means that the character has more to do. This was the first episode that I was really on board with Piril and Engin, they were cute together this week. I didn’t love the bathing suit competition that the guys were judging and surprised at the setup as Sen Çal Kapimi has not had any other sexist plots but it was very funny when the kizlar caught them at it and made them parade around and be judged. They all finally makeup and the bar scene was cute and funny especially the fact that no one realized that Erdem was missing. This was the first of many dancing scenes, which were cute but got a bit old after awhile. All the ‘couple’ stuff was fun, and the girls against the guys were funny. They are really attempting to make it into a romantic comedy. 


Aydan and Ayfer are seemingly becoming friends, this is what I have been waiting for for all these months. I loved that Ayfer opened up to her and Seyfi about her childhood and that she only broke away from her mother because of her brother. Eda inherited her father’s bravery. I’m still hoping that slowly these two women can put aside their differences and really become friends.

Lots of wedding planning and traditions in this episode too. Dress shopping, botox injections, and going to the hammam,  all gave some opportunities for the women to all bond and for some lovely conversations to take place. Aydan asked Eda to call her ‘Anne’ (mother) which Eda said she would have to think about, she was so young when she lost her mother, and I’m sure it’s strange and hard for her to imagine calling someone that now. It was very sweet of Aydan to ask her, and I’m sure it’s hard for her too, especially after losing a son. If we look back Aydan from earlier episodes, it’s hard to imagine we would have gotten to this point in the relationship between Eda and Aydan.

And after the years have swept up the dust

The one thing remains: your love, age-free of rust

You see oh it’s the great love

Waiting for us *


The pre-wedding conversation was amazing and one could absolutely tell from their dialogue that something bad was going to happen to Serkan. He says ‘if I lived a hundred lives I would love you in all of them” and ‘close your eyes and when you open them I will be back’. These two actors are so very sweet together and I could have done with several more episodes with them like this including them being able to get married. With the hashtag for the episode being ‘#EdaBolat’ I had hope that they would actually get through the wedding before something bad happened but it wasn’t meant to be. 

As he is leaving, Eda asks him if he’s coming back and he says wait for me I will be back. One hopes that the new writers meant this as a callback to the Antalya Apollo’s temple scene from episode five. Eda tells the story of Apollo falling in love with a mortal woman and promising her that he will come back for her. The woman waits for Apollo to come back but he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to watch her grow old and die. The parallel to Serkan not returning from his trip to Italy is exquisite and heartbreaking. The cinematography of the replay of this scene where Serkan fades into black and white and their hands part was beautifully done. 

All the acting kudos to all the actresses in this final scene where they learn of Serkan’s plane going missing. Eda reacting and reaching out for her friends, Aydan’s slow collapse into a chair supported by Piril, but Fifi’s crying broke me the most I think. This was a true showcase, both for women supporting one another through terrible times, but also of the art and beauty in acting these emotional scenes. All of the actors were outstanding but especially Hande Erçel, who is proving her critics wrong time and time again. 

What I liked

Balca is gone and not soon enough. Melo's little cheer when Serkan fired her was great. This character really was a dud and I can’t imagine why they thought she could work. Eda wasn’t threatened at all by her and Serkan certainly wasn’t interested, because she had no connection to Serkan and wasn’t crazy acting enough to be entertaining. She was a non-starter. I do wish that Eda could have seen her get fired and leave though. Why are the SCK writers allergic to the pleasure of seeing the bad guys get found out and humiliated? This is usually dizi gold. As predicted, the Prince wasn’t on screen, only on the phone with Babanne. He was another character who really didn’t work and I’m glad the writers recognized that and got rid of him fairly quickly. 

Babanne has also left, which I am a bit surprised about. She was a highly anticipated character and one that had real menace and the ability to be a genuine block for Eda and Serkan. I can only imagine that the writers wanted to clean up all these plot points and start afresh with an entirely new story and set of characters. I am on board for this as I think at this point in the story a whole new dimension is a good thing. My only complaint is that once again the villains just get to leave and don’t really pay any price for their machinations. It’s unsatisfying. 

I actually didn’t mind Erdem in this episode, that’s two in a row for me. He was very funny on his own out in the forest, so I have new hope for this character. The writers have veered him away from being obnoxious into something more like stupidly sweet. I am sad that with Babanne leaving she will be taking Tahir with her and that ends the bromance between him and Erdem. 


What I didn’t like

A little too many dance scenes and after awhile, all the wedding prep was starting to feel like filler. As I said, I enjoyed all the heart-to-heart conversations; Ayfer and Aydan, Aydan and Eda, Ayfer and Eda and Aydan and Serkan, but the dancing and the shopping, could have been cut down quite a bit. The botox clinic was weird and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It did serve to illustrate the differences between Ayfer and Aydan but I don’t like how strongly Aydan pressured her into doing it. Not cool. 

The resolution of the Babanne plot left a lot to be desired. This is a character that has been built up for months and she has a couple of short scenes and then writes a letter to Eda giving her the 45% stake in the holding company and is gone? I feel a bit robbed, to be honest. Eda didn’t get to have any sort of resolution or reconciliation with her grandmother, this just feels incomplete and lacking. I understand that the writers want to start again but let Eda have a real epic conversation with her grandmother and put the past to bed then. 

It was laughable how quickly the ‘Eda is kidnapped’ plot was over. I think it took less than five minutes. I assume that they wanted to just wrap up the Prince storyline as quickly as possible and weren’t happy with him just slinking back to Dubai or UAE, I still can’t remember where he’s supposed to be from. This really was an ill-conceived plotline and I hope we don’t have anything so soap opera adjacent to deal with ever again on Sen Çal Kapimi. 


What needs to happen next

  • I don’t want to have to deal with an amnesia plotline, too much residual hate from previous diziler. However, I am resigned to the notion that it’s a good possibility here. If it is the way that they go, I hope that they don’t drag it out 
  • I really hoping that Serkan being missing bonds Aydan and Eda even further
  • I don’t want Ayfer to be too quick to tell Eda that she needs to move on and accept that Serkan is gone. I don’t know what the timing of Serkan coming back will be. Will it be quick and does he have amnesia? Will a fair amount of time pass and he has amnesia? Will a long time pass and he doesn’t have amnesia? Regardless, I want Ayfer to just be supportive of Eda and not pressure her in any way
  • I really want Melo to find her true love. Not everyone needs to pair up but she wants love so badly, and let's throw in someone great for Leyla too 


So, all in all, a pretty great episode, with lots of love both between Eda and Serkan but also between the kizlar and the extended families. Happy episodes are so hard to come by in diziland, that I loved episode 28 even though it had a tragic ending. I want to say, as I have in previous reviews, that I recognize how hard it must be to take on and have to continue someone else’s story. The new writers are wisely, I think, turning the page and I am truly looking forward to seeing where they take the characters from here. We fell in love with the original story yes, but also with the characters, the actors, and their friendships and camaraderie, and it’s those elements that are left that can be utilized to tell more amazing stories. Thus we begin our third act and I can’t wait to see what happens. 

Somewhere there’s a new love
A heart that beats true
Somewhere there’s a great love...
That’s waiting for you…*


*The Great Love performed by The Commandeers

Written by Paul Loren

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